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Your Handy Guide to Conveyancing as a First Time Home Buyer

After years of hard work and saving up; and weeks of scouting areas, checking out property listings, arranging viewings, and convincing estate agents that you are a serious buyer, you finally found something you can’t wait to own and get your hands on. It’s the most exciting thing and you sometimes can’t help but think of how you would want it to look like when you move in.


The Importance of Choosing Your Own Conveyancer

Making sure that your first time home buying experience is seamless and stress free depends on how your conveyancer and the estate agent work well with each other. While this is not conclusive, it's important that they agree with each other on the most important points, as estate agent are the ones in charge of selling the property on behalf of its owner.


Five Best Tips to Speed Up The Conveyancing Process

When looking for a conveyancer to instruct on your home purchase, you would probably think that speeding up the process could be worth how much you’re paying them in the end. It could be right as a lot of home buyers think that they wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for something that could be done quite quicker and more efficient.